The United States. There's a big, beautiful country out there. Glorious Americana is a new website dedicated to bringing its readers the best in American travel and style. It was founded in 2014 by travel writer Leigh Crandall who, as she listened to friends talk about the the places they'd been and hoped to go, didn't often hear spots in the U.S. on their lists. Having been fortunate enough to visit nearly all the states across the country, Leigh wanted others to experience and be excited by the incredible travel possibilities right in their own backyard. And so, GA was born with the hope of inspiring more people to take advantage of the the gorgeous natural scenery, incredible cities, excellent food, and general fun this glorious country has to offer.

A little more about Leigh:

Leigh Crandall grew up on the island of St. Thomas and first fell in love with "The States" as a kid, during summer road trips with her family around the National Parks. She currently lives in New York, where she has served on the staffs of magazines including Rolling Stone and Us Weekly. Leigh covered honeymoons and destination weddings for and Brides Local Magazines for five years, an amazing job which allowed her to combine work with her favorite past time: traveling. Most recently she spent two years as the managing editor of luxury travel website, where she remains a contributing editor. Leigh's work has also appeared in The Daily Beast, Hamptons,, New York and She is the author of three books including A Book of Simple Pleasures. She can be reached at